3 CEU Workshop: Treatment for Partners of Sex Addicts

July 29, 2017


Join me for a 3 CEU workshop at Solutions Treatment Center, Santa Fe: Art Therapy in the Treatment for Partners of Sex Addicts.

Solutions Treatment Center
2209 Miguel Chavez Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505

This course is designed to offer a clear clinical description of the current trends in treatment for Partners of Sex Addicts; the significant considerations when dealing with partners of sex addicts; and the treatment options. Discussion and guidelines will be given to differentiate Partners treatment from other diagnostic treatment. This course is for those treating partners of sex addicts or for those experiencing infidelity.

The teaching methods to be employed will include some lecture, discussion, writing, art making, and presentation.

The objectives of this workshop:

  • Clearly define the variety of experiences and specific treatment needs of the Partners of a Sex Addict
  • List and fully describe treatment options dependent on the Partner’s desires for reconciliation
  • Discuss relevant considerations with partners and family: specifically, disclosure
  • List and discuss the relevant stages of Partner’s Treatment
  • Outline the partner’s trauma – compare symptoms with PTSD
  • Define the evolution of Partner’s treatment for a co-addict/codependent model to a trauma model
  • List and discuss art therapy directives for Partner's recovery
  • Group art activity with theme of betrayal
  • Conclusion
"All people are born creative."
- Barbara Max Hubbard

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