3 CEU Workshop: Supervision Using Images

September 15, 2017


Join me for Guidelines for Art-Based Supervision, a 3 CEU workshop at Mesa Vista Wellness, Santa Fe.

Mesa Vista Wellness
4001 Office Ct Dr #102
Santa Fe, NM 87507

This interactive workshop is for credentialed professionals seeking to provide supervision services and for those who receive supervision. During this workshop, we will review the key reasons for supervision, including the skills needed to give effective supervision and the skills supervisees can expect to acquire from supervision. We will compare and contrast the supervisory and the therapeutic relationship. We will then create a space for image making, review the potentials of using images in supervision, and outline ways to work with images in supervision and therapy. This workshop is appropriate for both art therapists and clinical counselors.

The teaching methods to be employed will include some lecture, discussion, reflection, art making and art processing techniques.


  • To teach the basic standards and requirements of supervision including supervisor competencies and supervisee expectations  
  • To discuss the similarities and differences of supervision and therapy
  • To offer interactive experience of art-based supervision
  • Attendees will be given an example of a supervision contract and hand-out of material covered in presentation
  • Attendees will be able to name three reasons for utilizing a contract
  • Attendees will learn five ways supervision is therapeutically supportive
  • Attendees will gain tools for effective professional supervision
"All people are born creative."
- Barbara Max Hubbard

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