3 CEU Workshop: Sexual Hijackers—The Wrecking of Intimacy

July 21, 2017


Join us for Sexual Hijackers—The Wrecking of Intimacy, a 3 CEU workshop at the 36th Annual Transformation and Healing Conference at the New Earth Institute of Southwestern College, Santa Fe.

New Earth Institute
3960 San Felipe Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507

This workshop will outline how sexuality can get hijacked by early childhood experiences and lead to a spectrum of personal challenges that range from dangerous sex addiction to intimacy disorder. We will cover normal sexual development then look at some very common hijackers that create early sexualization and long-term effects. These hijackers include overt sexual abuse and covert incest to porn and our current commercialized culture. We will explore how these influences and experiences can create arousal templates or aversions that interfere with true intimacy and healthy sexuality. We will also cover some helpful therapeutic interventions to support change and recovery for clients and ourselves from compassionate humanistic and cognitive-behavioral perspectives.

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to understand intimacy in relationships.

The teaching methods to be employed will include some lecture, discussion, collaboration, writing and art making.


  • Topics covered in lecture include: Early sexualization from Family and Society; Overt and Covert Incest; Masturbation as Self-soothing/Emotional Regulation; Affect Dysregulation of Sex Addiction; Arousal Templates; Aversion; Pornography; Boundaries; Intimacy; Courtship; Control; Choice
  • Participants will receive a base-line of normal sexual development hand-out.
  • Clinicians will learn how to utilize a client’s personal sexual time-line for therapeutic intervention.
  • Participants will be able to identify three influential factors in client’s individual sexual development to utilize in supporting the changes client’s may desire for greater intimacy.
  • Participants will be able to list five characteristics of healthy intimacy.
  • Clinicians will gain new tools in supporting clients with attachment and intimacy disorders.
  • Participants will be given resources including Culture Reframed to support client care.


"All people are born creative."
- Barbara Max Hubbard

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