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Valerie Valentine, MA, LPAT, ATR, LPCC, CSAT is an artist, teacher, art therapist, and peacemaker. She holds a BA in Art Education and a MA in Art Therapy. Valerie has experience and success working as a commercial and fine artist, a college instructor, a peacemaker, and an art therapist, both in private practice and residential care. In 1999 she won the first prize of $10,000 at the International Art Contest held in Anguilla, British West Indies. The painting is now housed in the National Collection of Anguilla and was used to create a collector's set of postage stamps.

Valerie has created and taught many community art programs and served various institutions in leadership roles. She believes that through the creative process, through self- exploration and self- expression, a common language is created that transcends words and differences, and offers a pathway toward tolerance, self-respect, and peace. “My approach to Art Therapy is based on the belief that the simple act of creating heals, empowers, and bridges differences.

Valerie worked as Clinical Art Director, for five years developing the therapeutic arts department of Creativity for Peace. This organization brings young women out of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, around the world to meet each other on neutral ground in New Mexico. Valerie is honored to have served the depth and passion of these young women on their path to peaceful resolution of generational war.

For the past few years, Valerie has worked in residential care for the clinical treatment of trauma, addictions, and co-occurring diagnosis. For Valerie this work has revealed the importance of metaphor, imagery, and narrative to facilitate deepened perception, validation, resolution, healing, and transformation. Art therapy offers each individual the opportunity to uncover authentic meaning for personal challenge and experience. Learn more about Val's services.

Valerie Valentine is dedicated to creative process that facilitates the teaching of solid life skills and tools; offers a unique therapeutic path for gaining authority for healthful choice; strengthens relationship with self, with others and with the empowered paradigm of living a fulfilling and joyful life.

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"All people are born creative."
- Barbara Marx Hubbard