Hello!  It is nice you are here.  I’m Valerie Valentine, Val for short.

I am a transpersonal psychotherapist and artist.

  • Here at Valerie Valentine Studios, we facilitate wholeness and passion through professional counseling and meaningful creative process.
  • Here, we offer a safe and engaging container for individuals and groups to tangibly explore and develop answers to life’s challenges. We support you with concrete processes for personal contemplation, reflection, emotional epiphany, validation, self-expression and deep transformation.
  • Here, we honor your Hero’s Journey: fraught with blessings and curses, twists and turns, drops and dead ends; each with the capacity to throw the most prepared adventurer into wildernesses without landmark. At times disorienting and exhausting, the hero’s victory is well worth the time and effort. I applaud your interest and inclination. Ultimately your journey is valuable and full of exquisite treasure.   It is my greatest joy to help you find your treasures.
  • Here, we are committed to the highest quality of legal and ethical products and services as defined by the National Counseling Professional Standards Board.

Welcome! You are invited to read my bio or contact me directly through email.

"All people are born creative."
- Barbara Marx Hubbard